Crispian had great success in Australia in the sixties and seventies. A success which has lasted until today! I receive more fan mail, letters and questions from Australia than I do from the rest of the world put together. I thought it would be nice to dedicate a section of this website to Australia and Crispian's most loyal and long serving fans. This first batch of information was supplied almost entirely by Simon Smith. Simon has been a long time friend of the web site and has passed on much rare and hard to find material. Most of it is probably unique - certainly in Britain. These extracts are taken from Australian 'fan' magazines of the mid sixties in the Melbourne area and I would doubt if anyone in Britain would have ever seen them. Many thanks Simon!

Item 1          Extract from fan magazine      16/11/66

Item 2          Extract from fan magazine      16/11/66

Item 3         Extract from fan magazine      16/11/66

Item 4          Cover of 'Albert Sebastian' magazine

Item 5          Article from 'Albert Sebastian' magazine

Item 6          Competition to 'win' Crispian

Item 7          Letter from Aussie fan.

Item 8          Extract from Melbourne 'Sunday Herald-Sun'

Item 9          Playbill from Geelong 18/11/66

Item 10        Playbill from Bendigo, Victoria 20/11/66

Item 11        Playbill from Ballarat 5/12/66

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