This is a short list of just a few of the many questions which have arisen since the inception of this web site. If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us at the addresses given.

1)       Is Crispian still alive?
          Yes, alive though not well and living in Kent.

2)       What happened to him?
            This can perhaps best be summed up as a mixture of bad health and bad advice. At the height of his fame in the mid sixties he followed  the advice of his then manager to boast outrageously about his songs, singing and talent. This upset a great many people. Later in the early seventies his health deteriorated badly and he was not able to record for some time. By the time he had recovered sufficiently to record again, the record producers had largely lost interest. This is tragic as many of his later songs are unarguably better than his biggest hits.

3)       Is he still singing and recording?
          Singing yes - occasionally, recording no, though he would still like to!            

4)      Where and when does he sing?
          He mainly sings in and around Kent at many pubs and clubs, invariably for charity - usually the NSPCC. As to when, that depends largely on when his health allows him to. His last concert appearance was with the Fortunes and a full supporting cast in  December 1999. He was scheduled to appear in June 2000 with Brian Poole, but unfortunately he had to pull out at the last minute.

5)        Are you Crispian?
           No - though I'm flattered by the question. I am just a friend and fan who pestered Crispian until he allowed me to set up this tribute web site.

6)         Does Crispian have a fan club?
           No, he has never had an official fan club even in the sixties at the height of his fame. That is one of the main reasons why I set up this site.

7)         How old is Crispian.
            He was born on 5 April 1939.

8)          Where does he live?
             Sorry I can't give you his full address for obvious reasons but Crispian lives in Swanley, Kent in the same house in which he was born.

9)           Is Crispian his real name.
              No - he was christened Robin Peter Smith.

10)         How many songs has Crispian written and recorded.
               The best answer I can offer is that he's written about two hundred and fifty of which he has recorded, in one form or another, about two hundred. He has also recorded about seventy songs written by other people. He has also written numerous poems.

11)         Where can I buy his records.
            I'm afraid the simple answer is that you can't - unless you can find them in collectors shops and are prepared to pay collectors prices. I have, what I am sure, is the largest collection of his songs in the world. These are recorded on every medium possible from vinyl to cassette tape, CD to MiniDisk, DAT to reel-reel tapes and even a few videos. The collection includes many records which have never been released and many that never will be, either because they are of a very personal nature and were never intended to be released or, in some cases, because the recording quality is not good enough. However, you can listen to extracts of some of my favourite songs on this site. If you have any favourites let me know and I'll see what I can do. Music

12)       Why doesn't Crispian record more songs now?
                The simple answer is lack of money. There are dozens of songs recorded which could be released if a record producer/distributor would be prepared to give financial backing. What about it? Anyone out there prepared to help? If so contact me ASAP.

13)     How can I contact Crispian?
     You can reach him via this web site. Mail any questions or comments to bill.turney@ntlworld.com

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