Did You Know?

Odd Facts You (Probably) Didn't Know About Crispian St Peters.

1)     Despite topping the charts around the world and selling hundreds of thousands of records, Crispian never had a number one hit in the UK charts.

2)     'You Were On My Mind',  (No 2 in the UK) and a massive hit all around the world, was recorded for a cost of just one hundred and twenty pounds. See also  Item 2  Today a similar recording could cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds!!!

3)     Crispian still lives in the same house in which he was born.

4)     After his major stroke on New Years Day 1995, Crispian managed to relearn to play his guitar using just one finger of his right hand.

5)     An early promotional video (or more likely film) of Crispian singing 'Soft As A Rose' was made but never used. It subsequently disappeared. Anyone know where it is?

6)     Crispian has written over two hundred and fifty songs and recorded around two hundred of them. If you have any of his rare recordings on tape, ie recorded live or those which were never released, please contact us.     

7)     In  his early days, Crispian worked at over thirty jobs including potato picker, librarian, bricklayer, kitchen hand, labourer and cinema projectionist.

8)     When he first tried to make his name Crispian made all his own guitars and sold others. Did you buy one? Have you still got it?

9)     Crispian sang under many names before becoming famous. These included, The Hard Travellers, The Two Tones, The Country Gentlemen, Friends, Peter & The Wolves, Beat Formula Three, The Puppets, Woody Smith and Whispering Smith. He also released his recording of 'Country Roads' under the pseudonym of 'Wheels'.

10)     His first public appearance was at the 'Joyce Green Memorial Hospital.'

11)      Crispian can play ten different instruments:
Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Steel Guitar, Glockenspiel, Drums, Mouth Organ, Banjo, Lute and Mandolin.

12)      In 1966 Crispian was asked to sing to one of his young female fans who was in a coma after a road accident. Of course Crispian obliged, visited the hospital, sang there and again at a benefit. He tells me that with the money raised by the trust fund, for  which he sang on the second occasion, a specialist doctor was brought from Sweden and the girl eventually recovered. See also  Article one

13)     Crispian was one of the very first pop stars to set up his own recording studio. This was located in the house in which Crispian was born, and in which he still lives. It was set up in the early sixties and ran until the mid seventies. Many songs were recorded there in the early to late sixties but most were not released at that time. Some are still coming to light and are now being released on limited edition CD's.

14)     Crispian is still making limited public appearances - mainly to support childrens charities. His most recent appearance  was in Dartford in December '99, with Richard Star, Censored, Glyn Lane, Margaret Rose and Tim Adams. The fabulous Fortunes topped the bill. This was in support of the NSPCC.

15)      Some of the countries in which Crispian has performed are as follows: United States, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, Phillipines, Malta, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium,Sweden, and Australia.

16)     Crispian was coached by French superstar Sacha Distel when he recorded the song 'Almost Persuaded', in French, for the French market. This was released on the Decca label. No other info. available - yet.

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