Item 8
Crispian St Peters

Golden era: 1966
Biggest hits: You Were On My Mind, The Pied Piper.
What happened later: Alienated many in the music business by bragging about his talents. Dumped by Decca (1970) and his wife (1974), then suffered three nervous breakdowns and later a major stroke. Learned to replay the guitar with one finger of his right hand. Played at pubs and clubs in Kent, England, and released several tapes and CD's. Last performance was with the Fortunes last year. Now 62 and in poor health.
What's On The Web: Loving and extensive tribute from a fan (That's Me!!) indignant that St Peters has never had a fan club. Biography, discography, song samples, interview and a recorded message from Crispian St Peters.
Surprising admission: Still lives in the house where he was born.
Website worth: *****

                                                                 'Sunday Herald Sun'  Melbourne  8/10/00