Odd Items 1

Item 1           Covers Of Hit Discs

Item 2           Studio Costs Of 'You Were On My Mind'

Item 3           New Musical Express Advert     1966

Item 4           Advert For 'You Were On My Mind'

Item 5           Copy Of  Letter To Fans Sent Out In 1966

Item 6           Press Release For 'RDM'     1972

Item 7           Sleeve Notes From 'The Anthology'     1996

Item 8           Supposed Origins Of The Name - Crispian

Item 9            Crispian's Mid-Sixties Home Studio  

Item10         Details Of Crispian's latest CD Release

Item11           Photocopy of advert in NME 26/11/73

Item12          Crispian voted one of the best oldies singers of the millenium!

Item13         Advert from New Musical Express 2/9/66

Item14         Cover of Australian EP. This was not released in the UK.

Item15          Article on Crispian & 'Wheels'

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