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Along with Joe Meek, Crispian was one of the very first pop stars to have his own recording studio. This was set up in his own house in Swanley, Kent in the early sixties and is where he experimented with his many different types of songs and music. He used very simple equipment compared with the amazing variety available today. Most of his recording, for instance, was done on a simple, mono, two track Revox tape recorder. Most of the songs were recorded one instrument at a time on separate tracks and then overdubbed to build up the finished master. Several of his records, tapes and CD's were composed, mixed and mastered here. Some, such as 'Waterspring' and 'Senorita Rosalita, were recorded here in the sixties but not released on  tape or CD until the early nineties - and in the case of his latest CD  'Songs From The Attic' all tracks were recorded here, mostly  in 1967, with Crispian playing all backing instruments as well. See also   Item 10
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