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 Pop singer waives fee to aid coma girl

Pop star Crispian St Peters is to star free-of-charge at a big dance in Corby Civic Centre on Saturday, April 27 - to raise cash for a trust fund which has been set up to help Corby coma girl Jennifer McConnell.
Jennifer, who has been lying in Kettering General Hospital for 10 months following a death crash at Kettering was Crispian's "greatest fan".
When the pop singer heard about her he paid a visit to the hospital a few months ago and tried to bring her round by singing his hit songs, "You Were On My Mind" and "The Pied Piper".
Now he has refused a fee and expenses because he wants to help Jennifer by appearing at the dance, which has been organised by friends of the McConnell family.
Also appearing will be local groups the Mysterie and the Quick Reaction and the Jimmy McCahill Band.
Jennifer's mother Mrs Doris McConnell of 3 Todmorden Close, Corby, told the "Evening Telegraph," today: "I am thrilled that Crispian is coming. He has been so nice, first visiting Jenny in hospital, now coming to give this show free-of-charge. "
All proceeds from the dance will go to the recently set up Jennifer McConnell Trust Fund.
Employees at the Golden Wonder crisp factory in Corby have collected £22 for the fund.
Recently, Jennifer spent her 18th birthday in the hospital . . . unable to see all her cards . . . unable to eat a beautiful big birthday cake which Mrs McConnell gave to the other patients.

           Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph. Thursday April 18, 1968  

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