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     Songwriter, guitar builder and amateur boxer Crispian St Peters makes his chart debut this week with 'You Were On My Mind', which enters at number twenty-one. Although he is only twenty-two, Crispian - real name Peter Smith - has written more than eighty numbers including the flip side of his hit.
"I have been interested in music for as long as I can remember" he told me. "My parents were both musical and I suppose I picked up the bug from them. Like so many other singers I first started singing at a youth club and things just developed from there". Crispian, who was born in Swanley, Kent, always wears black. He described himself as 'a rather sad person.' "I don't know why" he said "but I either like to be alone or with a girl. I hate crowds - unless it's an audience. When I'm composing I must be alone. I lock myself in my room but I don't even like anyone else in the house."
Apart from song writing Crispian's other hobbies are boxing and guitar building. "I find boxing an excellent way to keep fit," he said. Not only does he build guitars, he also designs them.  "I don't always stick to conventional shapes. I've made an oval one and another that looks like a Vikings helmet in silhouette." He uses one of those guitars himself, the others he sells. "I get about forty pounds each," he said, "but since it takes me three months to build it would be a tough way to make a living."   

               Norrie Drummond    'New Musical Express'  15/1/66

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